Extreme Sail

I went out for a sail on Wednesday with the new CST Nano Extreme mast.  It felt really good.

The leading edge is down to 35mm which is quite noticable.  I used the standard KA cambers with more spacers to take tighten the luff pocket. Here is a few photos.

r0012616 r0012639


Fastacraft Launches Gen3 Foils

Two months to the Worlds and it seems everybody is rushing like mad to launch their new products. CST has launched Nano Spars and I just got a few photos from John about the new Gen 3 foils. Rudder in particular.

For Fastacraft the launch of new foils represents the end of a long road with over 12 months design and modeling work.  They were designed by sailing enthusiast and aeronautical engineer whom has customised the aircraft software to take into account the sail, rigs and the full dynamics of foiling.

As seen in the recent full scale tank testing done in the USA there really was a neglibile difference between the eliptical Fastacraft foils and other products out there. Will this be the next step? Who knows. I will get a chance to test them in about a month.

Stay tuned for more on the centre board….